Listen to the most influential in the automotive industry. Meet our ICA Summit 2024 speakers from the world’s most prominent companies and exclusive niche players.


ICA Summit 2024 Speakers

Conference Chairman Dr. Florian Baumann

Sr. Director Software

Clément Nouvel


Duong-Van Nguyen

Deputy CEO

Dominique Massonié

Head of Software Internationalization

Dr. Jürgen Dickmann

Head of Radar and Radar Perception

Alessandro Massimino

Head of Product and Connectivity

Bernd Hartmann

Head of Innovation Line Driverless

Hariharan Venkitachalam

Head of Product Safety and Compliance

Kanwar Bharat Singh

Head of Algorithms

Shu Han

Managing Director

Mondweep Chakravorty

Head of Cloud and Cybersecurity

Peter Virk

Executive Director

Shahar Bin-Nun


Jürgen Daunis


Ramzi Yakoubi

Head of Electric Electronic

Frank Schmidt

Head of Development cubiX

Dylan Murphy

Vice President of Product

Anne Fenninger

Head of Data and Software Academy

Prashant Gulati


Johannes Springer

Director General of the 5G Automotive Association

Michael Niklas-Hoeret

AUTOSAR Chairperson

Miquel Testar

Director of Product Management | ADAS Components

Marvin Ruf

Sr. Account Executive

Xiaotong Hu

Manager, Connectivity Portfolio and Front-end Management

Moderator Saber Fallah

Associate Professor of Safe AI and Autonomy

Moderator Tim Solle

Ventures Associate

Moderator Alexander Wiefett

Managing Director

Domenico De Francesco

Head of Connected & ADAS

Mostafa Elkoumy

CEO & Co-Founder

Andrei Kholodnyi

Principal Technologist

Startup Hour Benjamin Weinhardt

Head of Business and Collaboration Office

Startup Hour Philipp Renner

Head of Sales

Startup Hour Giorgiomaria Cicero

CEO & Co-Founder

Startup Hour Daniel Rosner


Startup Hour Andrea Bastoni

CTO & co-founder

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