ICA Summit 2024 Speakers

Conference Chairman Dr. Florian Baumann

Sr. Director Software

Clément Nouvel


Duong-Van Nguyen

Deputy CEO

Dominique Massonié

Head of Software Internationalization

Dr. Jürgen Dickmann

Head of Radar and Radar Perception

Alessandro Massimino

Head of Product and Connectivity

Bernd Hartmann

Head of Innovation Line Driverless

Hariharan Venkitachalam

Head of Product Safety and Compliance

ICA Summit 2024 Participants

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ICA Summit 2024 Topics

Innovating Tomorrow's Driving: The Cutting-Edge Technology of ADAS
  • ADAS Regulatory Frameworks and Safety Protocols
  • Next-Generation Sensing Technologies: Radar, LIDAR, Camera, Infrared, and Ultrasonic)
  • AI, Machine Learning, VR, and AR Technology Integration in ADAS Applications
  • Deep Learning Algorithms and Neural Networks ADAS Functions
  • The Advancements and Impact of Advanced Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)
  • Quantum Computing for Real-Time Decision-Making
  • Simulation and Virtual Testing Environment – ADAS Performance Assessment Technologies
  • Data-Based ADAS Testing for Various Weather Conditions
  • Scalable Data Storage Solutions for ADAS
  • Technical Challenges for Reliable and Robust Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Automotive Software: The Catalyst of Autonomy in Future Vehicles
  • Secure and Convenient Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Updates
  • Domain Controllers and Centralized Computing in Vehicle Software Architecture
  • Securing Automotive Software: Cybersecurity Measures and Best Practices
  • Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) Architecture: Redefining Vehicle Software Systems
  • Solutions Catalyzing the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) of the Future
  • Unveiling In-Car Application Servers: Their Significance and Functionality
  • Sensor Fusion and Perception Software: Enhancing Vehicle Awareness
  • Advancing Automotive Technology with Edge Computing
  • Cloud-Powered Software Development
Crafting Future In-Car Journeys with Connectivity Innovations
  • 5G and Beyond: Enabling Vehicular Connectivity
  • Adaptive Cloud-Based Data Storage for Connected Vehicle Services
  • Versatile Data Storage Capabilities in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Platforms
  • Vehicle Fortifications: Cybersecurity in the Connected Car Era
  • Emerging Trends in UX/UI Design: Shaping the Future Experience
  • The Vital Role and Future of V2X Technology
  • Advancing Connected Car Infrastructure – Technology Challenges
  • Data Privacy Regulations and Connectivity Deployment Success
  • Industry-wide Standards and Protocols for Achieving Interoperability
  • Infotainment: Redefining the Driving Experience
  • Monetizing Mobility: In-Car Purchases and Microtransactions

About the Event

The 4th ICA Summit 2024 is a premier international conference and exhibition in Autonomous and Connected Mobility. With a successful track record in Munich and Frankfurt, our event has grown significantly since 2021, and we are thrilled to announce our 4th edition in Frankfurt.

Join industry experts to hear the frontline industry conversations –  Innovative, Connected, and Autonomous Vehicles.

At the conference area, you will get a chance to enjoy high-level automotive industry leaders delivering keynote speeches and engaging in panel discussions on the latest developments in ADAS, connectivity in modern vehicles, and the role of software, hardware, and AI.

Meanwhile, the exhibition area will allow you to expand your network with valuable opportunities, and explore the most cutting-edge technologies in ADAS and Connectivity showcased by our exhibitors.

The closed-door ICA Summit will dwell into the most innovative solutions, regulatory framework of development and validation. Attendees will have a chance to explore the latest developments in the industry and share their insights. Would you like to be one of the selected participants?

Conference sessions will be divided into individual presentations & panel discussions. Each coffee break will be held in a networking area where exhibitors are going to present the most cutting-edge solutions. At the end of the 1st-day conference, attendees will have the opportunity to extend their networking in an exclusive cocktail reception.

Perks of the Event



  • Gain maximum exposure for your brand
  • Individual booth space
  • A limited number of exhibitors
  • Engage and interact with prospective clients



  • Hear about the latest innovations and technologies
  • Develop new ways to impr ove your business process
  • Gain more expertise in your field
  • Get inspired



  • Engage in high-level panel discussions and refine your ideas
  • Audience & panelists engagement
  • Trigger an exchange of viewpoints among industry experts
  • Ask questions directly to the fellow senior executives



  • Get to know other people in your field
  • Find potential business partners
  • Build new connections and strengthen your relationships
  • Unlock new opportunities

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