Rosen Daskalov

Owner & CEO


About Speaker

Rosen Daskalov - CEO, Founder and Owner of SIN CARS, 49, graduated engineer. At 18, he became a Master of Karting sport in Bulgaria. In 1989 he started his studies at Technical University in Ruse, Bulgaria. In 1995 he established one of the largest auto repair shops in the region of Ruse. In 1998, he established a contract and imported auto parts from a German manufacturer. By 2001, he had established a network of 10 stores throughout Bulgaria, a warehouse for import and distribution of auto parts. The company becomes an official representative of more than 10 German companies, each of them a manufacturer of parts for first incorporation into assembly lines for major automobile companies. In 2008 he set up his own company, Ruse Car AG, an authorized BMW dealer and service center for northern Bulgaria. The auto parts business continues. In 2012, he founded the company SIN CARS as a result of a dream - to build his own sport car. Also is chairman of Bulgarian Karting Federation.

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