Andrew Grant

Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence

Imagination Technologies

About Speaker

Andrew Grant joined Imagination in 2018 as Senior Director of Business Development, responsible for strategic business development in AI and building the wider ecosystem of AI partnerships. Mr. Grant advises customers on the impact of new and emerging technologies and how best to utilise neural networks in edge devices. Prior to working with Imagination Technologies, Mr. Grant was involved with spin-outs from UCL and CERN, chairing Satalia, an AI company based in London, for several years. He has also worked with UCL School of Management, WPP and has completed innovation projects on the Future of Automotive, Aviation, Retail and the IoT. At British Telecom he was a CIO and Marketing leader and he has also worked with Intel and HP. Mr Grant has a particular interest in autonomous vehicles and ADAS and how AI can be used to create smarter IoT devices for vision, home and robotics use cases and is a frequent visitor to China and the ASEAN region

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